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Environmental Humidifiers

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Wet Curtain Humidifiers
humidifier humidifier humidifier humidifier humidifier humidifier
Model HM-09W HM-12W HM-15W HM-20W HM-25W XH-M2500 XH-M4000
Power 150w 200W 280W 500W 600w 170W 280w
Humidification 9kg/h 12kg/h 15kg/h 20kg/h 25hg/h 3kg/h 6kg/h


  • 工业除湿机

    Sen Rui Industrial Group is headquartered in Hong Kong,Design and development department in Cologne, Germany;Production facility in Foshan, Guangdong, China.

    We only manufacture high quality products.

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  • 工业除湿机

    Humidifiers/dehumidifiers/and mobile air conditioners produsts of SENRUI brand are designde by our engineers from German laboratory.

    We are committed to science and technology into productivity.

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  • 工业除湿机

    Green technology, social services; we support the development of renewable energy and unremitting efforts.

    The same effect, SENRUI more energy efficient. The same power, SENRUI more powerful and efficient.

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Senrui Industrial Group (HK)Limited is a professional manufacturer of environment and electrical products , The main products' design and development by the laboratory in Cologne, Germany. The main products are dehumidifiers, humidifiers, mobile air conditioners, air purifiers,etc. Mainly serves domestic, office , industrial, agricultural ; Our products focus on user-friendly design , Focus on green energy , Strong and efficient function itself.
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